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The GigiFit Acceptance Challenge

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Gigi's Playhouse Westchester

Many of you may know (or not know) that I have a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome. Her name’s Ana, she’s 6 and she’s just like any typical kid who loves to play, draw, color, face paint, play music, read books, go to the gym, hang with her friends, and yes, on occasion, drive her mama nuts – especially when she turns the tv off in the middle of a really good show, or when I’m on my laptop or phone, or cooking. That’s when she decides she needs the most attention. That’s kids for you!


Living in Ardsley, Westchester County

We’re very fortunate that we live in Ardsley and close to Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Resource Center for parents and children alike. We attend some really fun activities throughout the year and every month, we go to a parent’s group, a safe space, where I can meet and chat with other Moms like me who are all dealing with the same issues related to having a child with the Trisomy 21 diagnosis. These moms and dads have become close friends, confidants, and family. 

Speaking of events, we have a super exciting event happening tomorrow! It’s our run, walk or dash for Down Syndrome. The full details are below. 

The GigiFit Acceptance Challenge

There’s just one day to go until we MOVE for Acceptance!

There is still time to register, join a team, create a team, or donate.

We are excited that we have nearly reached 50% of our fundraising goal – congratulations to the 14 teams that are getting ready to run, walk or dash for Down syndrome on Sunday, May 21st!

We challenge you to move for acceptance and help us to achieve 60% of our goal by tonight.

If you’d like to donate, please consider donating to the Mia Isabella team, via this link.  Below is a pic of our beautiful and playful Mia and my daughter Ana’s friend.

About Gigi's Playhouse in Westchester County

GiGi’s Playhouse Westchester opened its doors in Ardsley, NY on August 1, 2015 as the 24th Playhouse in the GiGi’s Playhouse network. Its participants come from Westchester, Putnam & Rockland Counties, New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Their passionate group of volunteers, who average 314 hours per month, provide our programs to participants who range from infants to adults. Their participants join on average for 287 hours monthly. They are thrilled to be so well received in our local community of Ardsley in Westchester County, NY, and to be able to provide essential services to individuals with Down syndrome and their families. All programs are offered for FREE.

The positive and uplifting environment at GiGi’s Playhouse Westchester empowers those with Down syndrome and their families to reach their highest potential. GiGi’s Playhouse’s custom, research-based curriculum works towards advancing literacy, math skills, gross and fine motor skills, improving low muscle tone, building self-esteem, building social relationships, developing independence and more, while fostering acceptance, awareness and networking resources for parents, siblings and the community.

How To Reach Us

If you would like more information about joining or participating as a parent, volunteer or in another capacity, you can contact the information below, or reach out to me directly at 914-826-5200, and I’d be happy to meet with you and introduce you personally to our wonderful group of parents and staff. 

Gigi’s Playhouse contact information: 

(914) 479-5566 

[email protected] 


Sabina  Huq

Sabina Huq

Hey everyone! I’m Sabina Huq! As a native of the UK, I’ve had the incredible fortune to move to this amazing country and have enjoyed living on both the West and East Coasts – and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I chose Ardsley in Westchester County as my home in 2017, and I haven’t looked back since!

I’m a real estate agent with a passion for educating the public through social media. I love exploring the myriad of things Westchester County has to offer including its restaurants, state parks and trails, and panoramic Hudson River views! In fact, one of my favorite places to visit is Untermyer Park & Gardens which is a historic 43-acre city public park, located in Yonkers and only 8 minutes from my home! If you’ve never been, you must check it out!

I also enjoy cooking and have my own recipe site called, and I particularly enjoy trying to replicate dishes I’ve tried at restaurants! I like to think that every culinary accident is a new opportunity in the making! Oh and if you’re a foodie like me, download the Atmosfy app and follow me @onebiteandyourehuqd.

On the personal front, I’m a wife and a mom to a beautiful 6 year old daughter who was born with an extra chromosome; and I’m incredibly lucky that I live in Ardsley where Gigi’s Playhouse is located; a Down Syndrome Achievement Center where my family and I are active participants. It’s our comfy space!

So…that’s enough about me! Enjoy my website and I look forward to connecting with you! See you around town!

Sabina Huq
Licensed Real Estate Agent
NY License #10401362254
[email protected]


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