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Sabina Huq

Hey New Yorkers and Westchester County Residents, I’m Sabina Huq! Come with me as I explore all the best events, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and outdoor fun in  Manhattan & Westchester County, NY!

I’m a Real Estate Agent with a passion for finding new places to explore in NYC, Westchester County & Beyond!

Introducing Sabina Huq, a distinguished licensed real estate salesperson who is licensed on both the east and west coasts and comes with 20 years of industry experience! Her mission is to make your property aspirations a splendid reality. With a fervent dedication to matching individuals with their ideal abodes, Sabina orchestrates more than mere transactions; she crafts love stories in bricks and mortar. She firmly believes that a home transcends its physical structure—it’s where cherished memories unfurl and aspirations soar.


Whether your heart yearns for tranquility in the leafy suburbs of NY such as Westchester or Rockland County, or the bustling streets of New York City, Sabina possesses the insider knowledge and connections to unveil the most captivating properties to bring you home. Her discerning eye seeks out secret gardens, cozy reading nooks, and kitchens that beckon the culinary enthusiast, ensuring each space resonates with your desires.


In the realm of negotiations, Sabina doesn’t merely play hardball; she executes with the finesse of a turbo-charged rocket ball, leveraging her expertise and extensive network to secure optimal deals.



For her, the journey to homeownership or renting isn’t a chore—it’s a jubilant celebration, culminating in a confetti cannon of joy and a toast to new beginnings.


Prepare for a real estate odyssey as memorable as discovering your first secret hideaway. Join Sabina on this exhilarating adventure and discover a space that whispers “welcome home.”


Sabina Huq 

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

New York Living Solutions at Keller Williams, NYC

NY License #10401362254

CA License# 01912844

Email: [email protected]

Direct: 914.826.5200

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I’m passionate about connecting and matching clients to trusted qualified agents. I look forward to connecting with you!



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